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It’s a fact that children with special needs benefit from early intervention.  It’s also a fact that many of Arizona’s preschool children with special needs do not receive services, because we don’t know who they are.

If you are the parent of a preschool child or know of a preschool child with suspected developmental delays, please contact the Apache Junction Unified School District’s Special Needs Preschool Evaluation Center for a screening. 

Suspected delays may be evidenced in the areas of communication, cognition, behavior, as well as in physical, auditory, visual and sensory development.

Free screenings and/or diagnostic evaluations are provided by the Apache Junction Unified School District to help determine those children eligible for special education services.

Please call the Preschool Evaluation Center at (480) 982-1110 Extension 3301 or (480) 677-7570, for a screening appointment. 

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