Why Us

Fostering Excellence

Four Peaks students work to always foster excellence and that is reflected in the school pledge “I will Foster excellence in all that I do. I will always practice random acts of kindness. I will support safe choices and teach others by example.”

Kagan Strategies School

Four Peaks employs Kagan Strategies which promote active engagement through cooperative learning and communication

Be Kind School

Comprehensive year-round solution to improve social skills and academic achievement. The Be Kind Pledge teaches 10 essential skills of kindness, setting expectations using positive language. The evidence-based character education model helps students learn pro-active solutions for bullying, cyberbullying, civility, respect, and success.

Dual Language Program

Students have the opportunity to participate in the spanish immersion program. Students will learn to read, write, and speak in spanish.


Battle of the Books

Students demonstrated their impressive comprehension and recall skills as they tackled a series of challenging questions during The Battle of the Books . We are proud to congratulate Samuel Proctor, Elliot Mitchell, and Angel Antonio Alonso for earning first place.

- Battle of the Books Showdown

Talent Show

Thursday evening students from Four Peaks had the opportunity to show case their talents during the 1st Annual Talent Show. They did a wonderful job! Thank you Ms. Burnap and parents for helping our students shine.

- 1st Annual Talent Show

District Math Bee

Congratulations to our Four Peaks students who attended the District Math Bee and placed within their grade level.

- District Math Bee