Preschool Role Model Program

Are you interested in a fun and enriching hands-on, language based preschool experience for your child?

The Apache Junction School District’s Special Needs Preschool Program offers a developmental approach to learning which includes art, music, motor, pre-literacy and readiness activities for three and five year old children on a tuition basis.  Your child would have an opportunity to learn about the special qualities of all children while interacting directly with each other in an environment structured with their cognitive, social/emotional and physical needs in mind.

The Preschool Staff includes certified preschool teachers and specialized professionals.  Each classroom has a minimum of one trained instructional aides.  The program is located on The Early Learning Center campus at 550 S. Ironwood Drive.  Sessions meet four days per week for 2 ½ - 3 hours each. Program participation is on a tuition basis at the cost of $165.00 per month. 

Enrollment is determined by a developmental screening, which will include evaluation of your child’s ability to follow teacher directions; ability to independently dress, feed and toilet themselves; to appropriately interact with others; to move from one activity to another without difficulty and to verbally express themselves in an age appropriate manner.

Please call the Preschool Evaluation Center at (480) 982-1110 x3301 or (480) 677-7570, for a screening appointment.  Spaces are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis. We hope to hear from you soon!