Contract for Class

  • Hello and Welcome to Intro Computer Science,

    Here are the expectations we will work with in this class.


    PROCEDURES: defined as the way our class is conducted…

    • Class Entrance: Go straight to your assigned seat

    • Class Warm-up: Immediately log-on to your computer and begin your warm-up activity

    • Class Work Period: Work quietly and productively on your daily assignment

    • Class Ending: Gather your materials, log-off your workstation and wait for dismissal directives

    • Class Dismissal: You will be dismissed from class by rows or by sections

    RULES: defined as how we behave and treat one another so learning can take place, please remember broken rules have consequences…

    • Be Respectful to your Teacher (me) and your classmates at all times

    • Be on Time and Prepared for class.

    • No Disruptive or Disrespectful Behavior/Language it will not be tolerated and will result in a Citation or OFFICE REFERRAL

    • No Web Browsing or Game Play without permission

    • No ROAMING (remain in your seat, unless given permission to leave it)

    • No gum, candy, food, drinks, etc. are allowed in the lab  

    CONSEQUENCES/DISCIPLINE POLICY:: Any infraction of the classroom rules will result in the following disciplinary actions:

    • 1st offense – Written warning

    • 2nd offense – Two-way parent contact / referral to office

    • 3rd offense – Removal from the Coding class.  This class is in high demand and has a waiting list.  

    Automatic referrals to the office will be written when: (Non negotiable – no arguments accepted)

    • “Messing with” another student’s computer, computer components, or the student’s personal belongings.

    • Speaking disrespectfully to another student or teacher.

    • Using phones without permission.

    • Using phones for texting when given permission to be on them for something else.

    • Using the computer for anything other than Computer Science schoolwork without permission from Ms. Wilbur

    • Misuse of equipment in any way.

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