Procedures in my class

  • Entering the room: Students will line up quietly behind the Steelers tape until I invite them into the room. 

    Leaving the room: Students will remain seated until instructed by me that they have been excused.  Once excused, the students will walk calmly and respectfully to their next class.  Remember that I excuse the class, not the bell.

    Fire/Emergency Drills: Upon hearing the alarm, students will quietly line up at the door while I get the roster clipboard. The first student in the line will lead the class to the designated gathering area.  Each student will hold the door for the person behind them.  Every person touches the door, there is no skipping.  I will turn out the lights, close the doors, and bring up the back of the line. Once at the designated area, the students will remain in line and sit on the curb to await the all-clear signal. Once the alarm has stopped sounding, all students must become silent to listen for further instructions.

    Going to the bathroom: Students will use the restroom before school, during the transition periods, during lunch break, and at the end of the day. Students may not use the bathroom during class (except in emergency situations as determined by me.)

    Getting a drink: Students will get drinks before school, during the transition periods, during lunch break, and at the end of the day.  Students may not leave the room to get a drink (except in emergency situations as determined by me.)  Students may have a water bottle in class.  Water bottles will be kept on the floor beside the desks, so that they are not near the chromebooks.

    Classroom Supplies: Students are expected to come to class with all of the necessary supplies, such as pencils, erasers, scissors, gluesticks, tape, and dry-erase markers.  I have a limited amount of supplies to borrow, and a collateral method will be used.  A student wishing to borrow something must give me personal collateral - a phone, ipod, headphones, or some other small but valuable item for me to hold during class.  When class is over, the student will return what they have borrowed and retrieve their personal item.  

    Sharpening pencils: Students are expected to come to class with one or two sharpened pencils.  Mechanical pencils are allowed in class, as long as they are not a disruption.  If a mechanical pencil becomes a disruption, it will be confiscated.  If a student’s pencil breaks, I do have a small hand-held sharpener that may be borrowed with my permission, to use over the trash can.  If students have their own personal hand-held sharpener, they may use it over the trash can, as long as it does not disrupt the lesson. 

    Electronic devices:  All electronic devices (phones, ipods, etc.) will stay turned off and stored in backpacks during class.  Any electronic device found during class will be confiscated until the end of the class period.  If it happens a second time, the device will be confiscated until the end of the day and must be picked up by a parent from the front office.  From that point forward, the student will be required to surrender all electronic devices to me during class every day, for the rest of the quarter.

    Behavior:  Behavior choices will be dealt with on a one-to-one basis, following the PRIDE matrix.  Minor infractions will result in logical consequences and a strike.  Repeated minor infractions will result in the student completing a behavior slip and after three strikes a student will earn a referral.  Major infractions will result in an immediate referral to the office.

    Daily Work:  Daily Work consists of two sections:

    *Classwork - work that is completed during class as part of the lesson. Classwork is completed on one piece of paper that may or may not be turned in for a grade at the end of the class period.  A missing Classwork page can be completed and turned in any time before the end of the quarter.

    *Absent students - describes what to do if you are absent

    Please note that there may be homework once in a while, and that would be listed on the Daily Work page as well.

    Homework:  I do not often give separate written homework. However, any classwork that does not get finished during class automatically becomes homework.  Also, I may give the students a certain task to start during class that must be finished at home. If I feel a particular student needs more practice to completely understand a concept, I may give that individual student two or three problems to complete at home. 

    Grades:  Grades in my classes are weighted according to the following percentages -

    Classwork 70% (includes daily work pages, quizzes, etc)

    Tests 30%