• Frequently Asked Questions
    Below you will find common questions and the answers for EZSchoolPay.com

    Q: How does EZSchoolPay.com work?
    A: On a secure website, you may establish a free account and enter payments to your student's school meal account using a VISA or MasterCard (credit or debit) for a convenience fee*. Payments are received directly into the school's Meal Tracker® or eTrition® point of service system.

    This service also allows you to monitor your student's meal account balance, transactions, and payments (both online and cash/check payments) online. Information is updated approximately every ten minutes.

    Parents can also select to receive low-balance email alerts.
    Q: How do I sign up?
    A: When you visit EZSchoolPay.com, simply click under the "Parents Sign Up Now." After you complete a simple web form, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail. Follow the directions in the e-mail and you will be logged in and ready to manage your student's account.
    Q: How will I benefit from EZSchoolPay.com?
    A: You won't be left to wonder if the check or cash you sent to school actually made it to school (or perhaps was left in a book bag for two weeks!). Online payments may be done anytime, from any computer with internet access. The funds are automatically deposited into your student's Meal Tracker® account at the school giving you peace of mind, knowing that your student will get the school meals he/she needs.
    Q: Can I also use EZSchoolPay.com to check my student's meal account balance?
    A: Yes, balances are updated often — the frequency at which account balances are updated at the EZSchoolPay.com website is up to each school, but ten minutes is typical.
    Q: How soon after making an online credit will the money be available to my student?
    A: The frequency of importing the new credit information depends upon the school or school district, but can be as frequent as as every 10 minutes! (These preferences are set by school administrators). You will see that the money has been received by the school and is available.
    Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
    A: Visa and MasterCard (credit or debit)
    Q: How do I know the EZSchoolPay.com site is secure?
    A: The EZSchoolPay.com site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Your credit card information is protected by the most sophisticated internet security available (secure-socket layer with 128-bit digital encryption).

    We use payment gateway partners that are worldwide leaders in secure web commerce to process payments. We also use a Comodo security certificate that guarantees the transactions for up to $10,000. You can click on the TrustLogo to verify that you are actually using the EZSchoolPay.com web site.

    Also, your credit card information is never shared with the school's Meal Tracker® system.
    Q: Will you sell my information?
    A: No. Our Privacy Policy (available on the EZSchoolPay.com web site) prohibits this.
    Q: What do you do with my information?
    A: We use it only to receive credit card payments for your student's school meal account.
    Q: What is the convenience fee?
    A: EZSchoolPay.com is provided as a service, to allow online credit card payments to be received automatically into your student's school meal account. It's much more convenient than driving to your student's school, and it's quicker and more reliable than sending or mailing a check.

    For this tremendous convenience, a flat rate convenience fee*, determined by your school or school district, will be included in the amount charged to your credit card. The fee is clearly identified on the online credit screen prior to your approval.

    *The convenience fee is $3.00 per transaction. Checks are accepted by your student's school at no charge.
    Q: I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?
    A: When you register, you will provide a secret answer to a question. Go to the registration page, fill in your e-mail address and secret answer, and click the "Submit" button. An e-mail will be sent to you with your new password.
    Q: I have other questions. Who can answer them?
    A: The cafeteria manager at your student's school is the best resource. On the EZSchoolPay.com site, this person's name, telephone number, and a link to their e-mail are shown. Also, be sure to use the Parent User Manual, available on the EZSchoolPay.com web site by clicking "REGISTER" beneath "Parents Register Now."