GenTech STEM Program

at Peralta Trail Elementary School

Peralta Trail Elementary School is proud to introduce a new STEM Learning Program presented by GenTech beginning in the 2024-2025 school year!

GenTech instructors have vast technical expertise. They are engineering undergrads, programmers and computer science experts. 

Each instructor knows several coding languages, Python, JavaScript, C and more. GenTechs understand trending tech and high level technical concepts that will be a huge part of every students life in a few short years.  

GenTechs undergo comprehensive training in teaching pedagogy, safety, and behavior management. GenTechs bring a spirit of fun into every classroom. 

They are tech wizards!

The GenTech curriculum encompasses engaging hands on, lively lessons. Students are challenged to critically think through numerous adventures, creatively troubleshoot through complex projects, debug coding puzzles, and consider real world scenarios relative to the technologies of today.

We're proud to bring the GenTech curriculum and programs to AJUSD and Peralta Trail Elementary School!

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