•  Hello. My name is Mrs. Moyer, I have been a teacher for about four years and a teacher at Cactus Canyon for the past two years. Below you will find all of my grading polices, class expectations, and a list of supplies. 



    45% - classwork/homework

    25% - essays/projects

    25% - tests

    5%   - quizzes



    • Pen/Pencils 
    • 1 composition notebook
    • Glue
    • Colored pencils/markers
    • Ruler


    Absence policy - Students have one day for each day they are absent to make up assignments. 


    Late work - Students may turn in late work but they will lose points for everyday it is late. 


    Homework/class assignments - I don’t usually give out homework. However, students will have assignments during class that they will be expected to complete before the end of class. If they do not complete it then it will be homework. If they choose not to work on assignments at all during class then they will receive a call home and be given a zero on the assignment. 


    Google classroom - I post assignments/information about the class on google classroom. All students will be taught how to access it. For parents to access the students google classroom they just need to have their student log into their schools gmail account and then click on the classroom. 

    Class Reading - We have 2 books during the year that we will read during class. When reading these books you will be expected to fill out a book journal (provided by me)  in order to check for comprehension. One of the books that we read, is The Giver. We will be watching the movie after we are done with reading it.


    Class expectations: 


    1. Listen to the teacher. 
    2. Stay in your seat.
    3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on. 
    4. Be quiet until the teacher calls on you. 
    5. Never throw anything -- even a pencil. 
    6. No gum, food, or open drinks (water bottles are okay). No phones or hats. 
    7. Follow instructions and complete your work. Otherwise it will be homework and you may receive a call home. 
    8. Treat others with kindness and respect.