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  • Welcome to Athletic Conditioning and/or Weight Training!

    You may be enrolled in Athletic Conditioning or Boys PE. The goals of both classes are similar. You will develop and understanding of the weight room, it's benefits, and how to use it as a tool to improve your overall health.  We will discipline the mind as well as the body and exercise safety as our number one focus. PE classes will also participate in team sports.

    My expectations for this year is to assist you in setting goals and build a path to achieve those goals.  We will focus on safely acquiring proper lifting techniques to improve your overall well-being and health. PE classes will also work on team work, movement, and health.

    I take the weight room very seriously and will not tolerate any horseplay or disrespect of the facilities, fellow students, or teachers.

    Together, I look forward to having a fantastic and productive year.

    You may access our Lesson Plans and Course Syllabus by clicking on My Resources on the left tab.

    Directions for make up work is available under the homework tab.

    My email is Please contact me with any questions.

    Coach Miller
    Head Football Coach
    Apache Junction HS