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     This is my 12th year of teaching in the Apache Junction district.  It has been a wonderful experience.  I am looking forward to the coming year at Apache Junction High School.  Public education is one of the many things that is right about our country.  I believe in it passionately and am proud to be part of a learning community that holds students and teachers to the highest standards.  I hope that every student that enters my classroom leaves with a better sense of our civics history, understanding of our place in the world and the desire to be a good citizen. 

    In my spare time I like to read, travel, spend time with my children and grandchildren, and play all sorts of games.  I am especially partial to playing bridge (when I can find players).  My new hobby is quilting and my friends and family are slowly being gifted with all my "learning" quilts.  Baseball is my favorite sport to watch and you will see me at all the Prospector games.  My favorite team is, of course, the Prospectors, but I also root for the U of A Wildcats and, during football season, the Arizona Cardinals.

    Sheryl Anderson

    US/AZ Government

    480-982-1110  ext 2367