Classroom News

    Hello -
    This week in Art we will begin working with clay. There are a few things I would like parents to know about working with the clay: 
    1) Students should bring an old, oversized shirt if they would like to avoid getting clay on their clothes. If students do get clay on their clothes, it will wash out, it is very similar to mud or dirt. 
    2) Clay should not leave my classroom, so if your child brings home clay with them, they should not have it. They will have to do this project in class only and will get to take home their finished projects at the end of the unit. 
    3) If students are not following the clay rules, they will be written up and if behaviors continue, students will no longer be allowed to work with the clay. They will be given an alternate assignment.
    4) We will be needing plastic grocery bags to store our projects during the clay unit. I will be bringing several from home but if you have any laying around the house feel free to send them in with your child. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the clay project. Advanced Art and my 5th Hour Art Exploration class will not be doing clay. Advanced Art is currently working on observational drawings of pumpkins using oil pastels and Art Exploration is working on making Fall wreaths.
    Advanced Art will be beginning clay in December with our artist in residence Kimberly Ioane. She is a member of the Artists of the Superstitions group who are having their annual Studio Tour this weekend (November 2nd and 3rd). I have placed brochures and maps in the office or you may visit their website if you would like more information on the tour! 
    Thank you and have a great week!
    - Ms. Baumann