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    Good Afternoon Parents and Families,

    Next week is the last week of school. We made it! 

    All student work is due Monday May 18th. I will not be accepting any work turned in after this date. Students may go back and complete any activities that have been posted on Google Classroom after school closure - please don't have students do any activities that are dated before March 27th (we did those in class for 3rd Quarter). All grades will be posted on Tuesday May 19th

    Also I will be posting some activities today at 5pm. These are not for a grade, they are just for fun :) Typically the last week of school we provide similar activities for students. I have provided several, with the hopes that some students will want to continue to do art work over Summer Break and may need ideas for what to do! So please tell your child to check their Google Classroom one last time to see those activities that I am providing. 

    Finally, I just want to say thank you so much for all of your support during this time. I had several students tell me (or allude to the fact) that their parents were making them do their work at home, even though they didn't really want to. I hope you know how important this is for your child for so many reasons, even though it may seem like unappreciated and tireless work. Trust me, I understand.

    You have given your child structure during an uncertain time and set an example of resiliency for them. Just because something challenging has been put in our path doesn't mean we give up. Even if your child didn't finish all their activities, or do any activities for my class because they were doing work for other classes, or even went to work with you to help out your family, I want you to know how much I appreciate you :) So if no one else has said it yet, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great weekend and a much deserved Summer Break!!!

    Please still feel free to reach out to me at any time - 

    - Ms. Baumann


    Student Artwork Pick Up:

    Hello -

    I have had some students and parents asking about getting artwork out of my classroom. I want to take a moment to answer questions about this topic.

    This week there will be item pickup on Thursday between 1pm - 6pm and Friday between 8am - 12pm. I would like to reserve art work pick up for students that are not returning to the district next year ONLY. If you are not sure what your plans are for next year, you would fall into this category. If you have special circumstances or NEED your artwork for some reason please let me know as well. Please send me a message on here or send me an email at

    If you are 8th grade and know you will be attending AJHS next year I can drop off artwork at the High School when we return to school. If you are 7th grade and know you will be returning to CCJH next year for 8th grade, I can return your artwork to you when we return to school.

    I should be able to go into my classroom on Thursday and gather artwork for pick up. I will place artwork either in the art room or in the office - I will let you know. There are literally hundreds of student artworks in my class room that need to be handed back, and I believe this is the best and safest way for artwork to be returned for now. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Thank you for understanding!

    - Ms. Baumann


    How to talk to kids about their Art resources:


    I found this really great resource online about how to talk to your child about their art. I thought this may be helpful for some of you and wanted to share.
    There is a quick handout with tips, but I'll include the link to the original article if you want to read more in depth. These are things art teachers do all the time in the classroom and that you can easily implement at home. Talking with kids about art can open up other conversations as well, especially about how kids are coping or feeling :) Hope this helps someone! 
    Click the links to view the resources:

    How to Talk to Kids About Their Art PDF