• Welcome to Sixth Grade!

    Welcome to Sixth Grade 2018-2019

                I am Mrs. Cheryl Wild.  I have been in education for almost 30 years.  This is my fifth year at Peralta Trail Elementary School.  I am most happy to have your child in my class this year. 

                I run a tight and structured classroom, but am not afraid to have some fun with learning.  I keep expectations high for my students.  I expect them to perform to the best of their individual abilities.  I will push your child to become an independent learner and high level thinker. 

                Class expectations:

    Behavioral –

    1. Be respectful of everyone
    2. Use appropriate behavior
    3. Be ready to learn
    4. Complete work on time

    Mr. Day - Math

    Mrs. Wilcoxon - Reading

    Mrs. Bliss - Writing/Language Arts

    Mrs. Wild - Integrated Studies (social studies, science, small reading groups)

    CURRICULUM - This year, the 5th and 6th grades are departmentalized.  Your child will have all four of the teachers in a rotation of 59 minutes per class.  This gives the students the opportunity to experience different teaching styles.  Students will be able to get help from any of the teachers in any of the subject areas during their homeroom times.  This will also help students learn to be organized and how to prioritize. 

    CURSIVE – Yep! There are studies that show how learning cursive penmanship is very effective in learning to read and write.  I will be teaching correct letter formation in cursive.  All work is to be done in cursive for the second semester. 

    COMMUNICATION – Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your child.  In today’s world, electronically is the easiest.  I use Class Dojo to give updates on what is going on in class as well as individually.  You can contact me through Dojo, or school email.  While I will call, it is not always easy for me to hear clearly on the phone.  (auditory nerve damage)  I may ask you to repeat yourself more than once. 

    STUDENT CALENDARS/PLANNERS – Students are to show you their calendars on a daily basis.  This should show what was done in class for that day as well as any homework they may have.  Please sign at the bottom of each day. You can also write a note in the calendar if you need. Calendars are to be brought home and back to school on a daily basis.  Students can always copy a neighbor’s calendar if they are absent. 

    DAYBOOKS - Students have created daybooks.  This is a new concept for the students.  They are to have their daybook with them in every class.  These books are used to record thoughts, ideas, responses, and other interesting tidbits of knowledge.  They are not to have pages torn out.  They are not for scratch paper.  They are not doodle books.  Think of a compost pile. You add all kinds of organic material, stir, let it sit and marinate, and...VOILA!  Students will be able to save important bits of learning to use to create final pieces of writing and projects.