• Hello there,

    My name is Joshua Stoddard and this will be my first year at Peralta Trail Elementary. This will also be my first time as the classroom teacher of a 6th grade class. So I am looking forward to this year getting to know my new class. Before this year, I have taught a year and a half as an Kindergarten Teacher as well as working 4 years as an Instructional Assistant doing small group learning with all grade levels, K - 6.

    I live by the idea that kids learn better when they are enjoying themselves, so I always try to keep things fun where I can. This includes but is not limited to: singing, dancing, making jokes, doing fun voices, and other general craziness. However, before I started working towards becoming a teacher, I was in the United States Army for a little over 4 years. So I am very capable of going very strict and no nonsense when it is required. So kids learn quick that, while I enjoy having fun and want them to have fun, that does not mean that I am push over when it is time to buckle down and do the work. ;)

    With all that said, I look forward to getting to know my class and I know we will all have a great school year. See you soon. :)