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  • Our Be Kind Pledge Name: Melinda K. Rumple
    Office Location: Gymnasium
    Phone: 480-982-1110 ext. 5936
    About me:  This is my 21st year as a Physical Education teacher at Desert Vista Elementary.  I am originally from Iowa.  I received my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physical Education from Northwest Missouri State University where I played Softball and was also a member of the Bearcat Track team.  I am happy to be able to guide your child to being healthy, happy, and physically active.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have concerning the well-being of your child in my class.  I am looking forward to another great year!!

    Class Description

    Physical Education: The aim of the Desert Vista Physical Education program is to assist each child in developing an optimum level of health and well-being as well as acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and movement skills that will lead to lifelong participation in enjoyable and wholesome physical activities. This program is designed to help children understand how their body functions, the importance of cooperation, the effects of exercise and how to appreciate and enjoy wellness.

    The Desert Vista Physical Education program follows the standards set forth by the state of Arizona.


    Classroom Rules



    • Always wear tennis shoes to class.
    • Respect the teacher and students.
    • Treat the equipment with respect.
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Follow the safety rules.
    • Raise your hand to speak.
    • No gum or candy in class.

    Grading Criteria
    **Each student begins each new quarter with 100 points**


    1. All students are required to wear proper footwear during P.E. Class. This would include tennis shoes only. Tennis shoes without a back and tennis shoes with roller skates are not acceptable. Boots and sandals will not be acceptable either. Failure to wear proper shoes will result in a loss of 2 points per incident per quarter.

    2. All students are required to participate in each activity unless excused by a doctor, school nurse, or parent. If a student chooses not to participate in the daily activity they will lose 5 points per day that they choose not to participate.

    3.Good behavior is essential in Physical Education class for the safety of the students and his/her classmates.If a student is asked by the teacher to sit out of class due to a behavior problem the student will lose 5 points per incident.

    4. If at anytime a teacher observes a student out of line during class whether it be lack of participation, poor attitude, or any other inappropriate conduct the student will lose 1-3 points depending on the degree of the incident.


    5. Attendance is very important as well. Students can miss one P.E. class each quarter without having points taken off of their grade. Every day missed after the first miss will result in 2 points off of their P.E. grade for the quarter.

    6. Severe disruption during class or behavior resulting in a referral to the office will result in 10 points off of the student's grade for the quarter. 


    Climbing Wall Adventures


    Our school is fortunate enough to have a rock climbing wall located in our school cafeteria. The wall is used during Physical Education classes throughout the year.

    Indoor rock climbing is one of the fastest growing activities today. It simultaneously develops coordination, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, important life skills like problem solving, goal setting, perseverance, inner confidence, and patience will be learned from this unit. At Desert Vista Elementary School we are using a traverse climbing wall to host these exciting activities. At its highest point, the wall measures eight feet and is approximately 36 feet long. Participants climb horizontally (traverse) across the wall and their feet should never be higher than three feet off the ground. Your child will climb under the careful supervision of an adult instructor at all times.



    Apache Junction Parks and Recreation

    There will not be any after school sports offered at Desert Vista this year.  Please contact the Apache Junction Parks and Recreation office for several activities that your children can get involved in throughout the year.  










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