8th Grade Classroom Stuff

  • Welcome to Science 8!

    You're going to be learning about a variety of concepts this year - here are the objectives that we'll be concentrating on.

    Science Inquiry (There are many more listed in the AZ state standards that we'll be sure to get to - but here are the biggies.)
    • Demonstrating safe behavior and appropriate procedures
    • Designing and conducting controlled investigations
    • Keeping records of observations and ideas
    • Analyzing data to identifying trends
    • Forming logical arguments based on empirical evidence
    • Communicating results of an investigation
    Physics Stuff
    • Demonstrate velocity as the rate of change of position over time
    • Creating graphs devised from measurements of moving objects
    • Newton's first law
    • Newton's second law
    • Newton's third law
    Chemistry Stuff
    • Identify different kinds of matter based on physical properties
    • Identify different kinds of matter based on chemical properties
    • Identify types of evidence that a chemical reaction has occurred
    • Classify matter in terms of elements, compounds, mixtures
    • Classify mixtures as being homogeneous or heterogeneous
    • Explain the organization of the periodic table
    • Investigate how energy transfer affects properties of matter
    Heredity Stuff
    • Explain the purposes of cell division
    • Explain the basic principles of heredity 
    • Distinguish between dominant and recessive traits
    Ecology Stuff
    • Explain how an organisms's behavior allows it to survive in its environment
    • Describe how an organism can maintain a stable internal environment while living in a constantly changing external environment
    • Determine characteristics of organisms that could change over several generations
    • Compare symbiotic and competitive relationships in organisms within an ecosystem
    • Analyze behavioral cycles of organisms
    • Describe the following factors that allow for the survival of living organisms