Metamorphic Rocks


    The first thing you're going to want to do is make a Fold-able that looks like the one over to the right --> -->  -->
    (We'll do this part together, just in case...)

    OUTSIDE TOP FLAP: Write "How do metamorphic rocks form?"

    INSIDE TOP FLAP: Please answer the questions using the following resources:

    *** Kids Love Rocks (scroll down to metamorphic rocks)

    *** Textbook page A96.

    OUTSIDE BOTTOM FLAP: Write "How do new minerals grow in existing rocks?"

    INSIDE BOTTOM FLAP: Make sure your answer discusses the role of heat and pressure, as well as the process of recrystalization. 

    *** Textbook page A97

    OUTSIDE LEFT FLAP: Write "Foliated Rocks"

    INSIDE LEFT FLAP: Describe the conditions necessary for foliation to take place and what happens as a result.

    *** Textbook page A100-101. 

    OUTSIDE RIGHT FLAP: Write "Non-foliated Rocks"

    INSIDE RIGHT FLAP: Describe why metamorphic rocks may not show foliation. Give examples.

    *** Textbook page A101.

    INSIDE CENTER: Recreate the diagram on textbook page 97. Use colored pencils please.

    For a little bit simpler descriptions, check out the Galileo dialog: Classifying Rocks and Minerals. SKIP TO SLIDE 15.

    Raise your hand and have Mrs. Ligon check your work. :)

Metamorphic Rock Fold-able outside view