7th Grade Classroom Stuff

  • Welcome to Science 7!

    You're going to be learning about a variety of concepts this year - here are the objectives that we'll be concentrating on.

    Science Inquiry (There are many more listed in the AZ state standards that we'll be sure to get to - but here are the biggies.)
    • Demonstrating safe behavior and appropriate procedures
    • Designing and conducting controlled investigations
    • Keeping records of observations and ideas
    • Analyzing data to identifying trends
    • Forming logical arguments based on empirical evidence
    • Communicating results of an investigation
    Astronomy Stuff
    • Explain the phases of the Moon
    • Model the positions of the Earth, Sun, & Moon during eclipses
    • Explain the interrelationships between Earth's tides and the Moon
    • Explain the seasons in Northern & Southern Hemispheres
    • Identify constellations in Northern Hemisphere
    • Explain the relationship among objects in the solar system, galaxy, & universe
    Geology Stuff
    • Describe properties of the different layers of the Earth
    • Classify rocks & minerals based on specific properties
    • Explain the rock cycle
    • Distinguish between the various types of rocks
    • Explain the processes involved in the formation of Earth's structure
    • Describe how the rock & fossil record show that environmental conditions have changed over geologic & recent time
    • Analyze evidence that lithospheric plate movements occur
    • Explain lithospheric plate movement as a result of convection
    • Relate plate boundary movements to their resulting landforms
    • Describe how earthquakes are measured
    Ecology Stuff
    • Compare food chains in a specified ecosystem and their corresponding food web
    • Explain how organisms obtain & use resources to develop & thrive
    • Analyze the interactions of living organisms with their ecosystems
    • Evaluate data related to problems associated with population growth & possible solutions
    • Predict how environmental factors affect survival rates in living organisms
    • Create a model of the interactions of living organisms within an ecosystem