Assignment Policies

  • Assignment Policies

    You will have many different kinds of assignments. For assignments that have been completed and turned in, points will be granted. The better you do on the graded material, the more points you will earn and the better your grade will be. Assignments will include:
    • Classwork - 60% (including science notebook grades, labs, Galileo, etc)
    • Projects - 10%
    • Assessments (quizzes & tests) - 30%

    RE-DOs and RE-TAKES

    It is your job to learn the material. You will have every opportunity to re-do an assignment or re-take a quiz or test to prove mastery on a concept.

    It is YOUR (the student's) responsibility to communicate with your teachers if you would like to re-do an assignment or quiz.


    I promise that I will never give you work that will be a waste of your time. So...EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT that is given WILL BE turned in. PERIOD. If you choose to turn the assignment in on time, you will be given the full credit earned. If you choose to turn in an assignment late, you will be given full credit MINUS a deduction. Missing work is not an option.

    Assignments turned in up-to 6 days late will be given a 11% deduction. 

    Comment Code = TCL

    Assignments turned in 7 days late or more will be given a 50% deduction.

    Comment Code = TSD