Classroom Rules

  • In this classroom...

    • I will treat you with respect so that you will know how to treat me and your classmates.
    • Feel free to do anything that does not cause a problem.
    • If you cause a problem you will be asked to fix the problem.
    • If you cannot fix the problem I will do something.
    • That something that I will do will depend on that special person and that special situation.
    • If you feel that what I do is unfair, whisper "I don't think this is fair" and we will schedule a meeting to discuss it. 
    Classroom Protocols

    1. Enter the room ready to work.  Conversation ends at the door.
    2. Begin class by referring to the daily mindset instructions at the front of the room.
    3. If you finish the mindset early, read quietly or review your notebook.
    4. Pencils must be sharpened before the final bell, please.
    5. Use the restroom between classes; passes are issued for emergencies.
    6. There will be times when our class will be interrupted.  Whether it is by an announcement, phone call or someone entering the room, the class will remain quiet and composed while I am helping the person who needs me.
    7. If you feel like you are going to be sick, you  DO NOT need permission to leave the room.  Take the wastebasket with you and go outside.  Do not go to the bathroom to throw up.  The nurse will need to verify that you were sick and we don't want you to be alone in the bathroom if you are really ill.
    8. There will be many days in our classroom when we are working in groups.  When the "quiet" signal is given, be ready to listen immediately.
    9. When I am presenting to the class, no one should be talking.  When a classmate is presenting to the class, no one should be talking.  Our courtesy is a sign of respect.
    10. If you need to make a comment, ask a question or get permission to leave your desk, raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged.
    11. My desk is off-limits to students.
    12. Assignments turned in on time are eligible for full credit.  Assignments turned in late are accepted, but are not eligible for full credit.
    13. If you are absent, please refer to the lesson plan page. If there were handouts given, please help yourself to the leftovers in the basket located at the front of the room. If notes were given, you may copy them from a buddy. If a lab or other activity was performed, you will need to make arrangements to make that assignment up during ZAP or after school. You will have one day extra for every day you've been absent.  You are responsible for completing work in a timely manner.
    14. We will be working in groups this year.  Groups will change depending on the assignment.
    15. Demonstrate your maturity by working politely with all the members of our learning community. When we move to a group format, you will have about 30 seconds to settle into your seating arrangement.  Be ready to listen for instructions.
    16. Before the end-of-class bell rings, make sure the area around your desk is clean.  The janitors will be happier if we don't add to their regular workday.  And by the way, say hello to them when you see them on campus.  They are an important part of our education community.
    17. When the bell rings, it is a sign to me that our class is almost over.  When I dismiss you,  that is your sign that class is over.  I will dismiss the class when the room is clean and the students are sitting quietly at their desk.
    18. I expect exemplary behavior from the students in this class.  Your self-control, cooperation, courtesy to others and respectful attitude will define you.
    19. Your behavior in the classroom will be ruled by RESPECT.  If you have a moment when you have lost sight of that thought, I may give you a verbal or non-verbal reminder to help you regain the proper mindset.  Remember Cougar PRIDE.  If you are assigned a “strike,” please complete the reflection piece and return it to me so that it can be logged into the system.