Ligon's Laws

  • As a science teacher I've always envied the scientists who discovered some law of nature and got to name their discovery after themselves. I mean if Isaac Newton can have several things named after him, why can't I have just one thing named after me???

    The whole idea of a scientific law is that it's a statement that describes something that happens again and again. It will never vary. For example, Newton's law of universal gravitation states that every object in the universe pulls on every other object with a force determined by the two objects' masses. So....I have a force pulling the earth towards me at the same time that the earth has a force pulling back on me. It just so happens that because the earth has a much, much, much bigger mass than I do, that I fall towards earth when I jump in the air instead of the earth being drawn towards me when I jump up in the air.

    So just like Isaac Newton discovered laws that rule the universe, I have discovered routines that help make the classroom environment run smoothly. We'll follow these routines (aka Ligon's Laws) day in and day out so that you, the student, can have the very best learning environment possible.

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