Food Chains & Webs

  • Food Chain Notes:

    Step 1: Copy down this definition
    ***A FOOD CHAIN is a feeding relationship between different species in an ecosystem; each providing energy for the next. The sun is ALWAYS the first part of the chain.

    Step 2: Research

    You are to investigate the four websites listed below and complete a vocabulary box (like the one shown on the right) for the following words: PRODUCER   CONSUMER    DECOMPOSER

    Food Chain Facts

    Parts of the Food Chain

    Geography 4 Kids

    Food Chains & Webs

    Step 3: Energy Pyramid
    You are to draw an energy pyramid in your composition notebook. Make sure you label everything clearly.

    Step 4: Show Mrs. Ligon your work.
    Step 5: Answer the following questions. Make sure you click submit.

Vocabulary Box