• Using Podcasts in the Classroom

    In this training you will:

    • Learn what a podcast is
    • Identify several methods of using podcasts in your classroom
    • Explore various podcasts related to your content curriculum
    • Practice making a podcast (for you real-go-getters)

    Step 1 - Start Here

    **Click here to share what you know about podcasts or to describe a favorite podcast that you regularly enjoy listening to or watching.

    Click here to have FAQs about podcasts answered.

    Click here to listen to a 60 second podcast. (Please use your headphones. Thank you.)

    Step 2 - The Why & How of Podcasts

    The brilliant minds at The University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a beautiful data table that we're going to build upon to make using this form of technology practical. Click here to see the original table on the website that I am attempting to give enough credit to so that I don't get sued for stealing intellectual property.

    **Click here to collaborate with your peers.

    Something to keep in mind...
    How are you going to choose to keep the students accountable for what they have listened to or viewed? Will they complete a Google form that you embed on a website or Moodle? Will it be participating in a class discussion? Or will it be producing an artifact?

    Step 3 - Podcasts Galore

    Ok - so it's not a true galore, but it is a growing list. If you come across something worth sharing - shoot me an email (bmyers@goaj.org) and I'll it to the list.

    While I did attempt to try these links out on my teacher laptop - I didn't have an opportunity to test them on student netbooks - so please forgive me if they aren't compatible with the technology students have access to.

    Scholastic's 10 Podcasts for Teachers and Kids

    Storynory - free audio story for kids

    PBS Podcasts

    Bytesize Science

    Historical pocast listing - this is a Google Site

    Science Fridays

    A Moment of Science

    Math Train

    47 Alternatives to YouTube

    Learn Out Loud

    Step 4 - Creating Your Own Podcast

    Click here to check out different online applications to assist you in creating your own podcasts.