AJDLP Policies



    -         ATTENDANCE



    Students who attend the Online Learning  option will be expected to work at a computer work station.  Class time will be spent in the classroom.


    Students who fall behind in the work required will be removed from that class. 


    Absences are strongly discouraged.  Students who are absent and don't work at home daily are not successful with the online program.  The attendance policy is in line with that of AJHS.


    -         REQUIRED WORK


    Each class has specific guidelines and standards of performance.


    Students will complete one subject at a time, and credit will be issued upon satisfactory completion.


    When students complete their credits from the AJDLP, their schedules can be modified.


    Students should expect to complete all other classes in a traditional classroom unless an extenuating circumstance arises. 


    -         GRADES


    Each class has its own specific grading criteria.  Students are expected to read the handbook provided and read the information on the class provided online to determine grading policies for the class they are taking.  If a student begins class work in the AJDLP but does not complete it, it will appear on his/her transcript as a "F".




    *                    CLASSROOM POLICIES


    Classroom policies are posted in the classroom.