ECAP: Arizona Education & CareerAction Plan


    The state mandated ECAP reflects a student's current plan of coursework, career aspirations, and extended learning opportunities in order to develop the student's individual academic and career goals. Apache Junction High School utilizes AZCIS to implement the ECAP process.


    To Log In: go to  

    Student user name: first part of your email address without  (ex: 01jsmith)

    Password: Capital A lowercase j + your 6 digit computer code   (AjXXXXXX)

    If you are unable to log-in or need your password reset, please go to the Career Center for help or visit your counselor. 


    Four-Year Outline
    Freshman Year
    • Create an AzCIS Account
    • Create Four-Year Educational Plan
    • Complete Career Cluster Inventory
    • Complete Reality Check
    • Start Résumé
    • Document Extracurricular Activities
    • Write/Record a Post-High School Educational Goal.
    Sophomore Year
    • Update Four-Year Educational Plan
    • Complete Career Cluster Inventory
    • Write & Record Career Goals
    • Complete Interest Profiler
    • Build a Résumé
    • Document Extra Curricular Activities
    • Review Two Colleges
    • Post-high school Education Goal
    • Testing: AZMerit, PSAT
    Junior Year
    • Update Four-Year Educational Plan
    • Complete Work Importance Locator
    • Document Extra Curricular Activities
    • Add/Update Résumé
    • Review Two Colleges
    • Write & Record a Career Goal
    • Create a Financial Plan for the Future
    • College Readiness Testing: PSAT, AP, ACT, and SAT
     Senior Year
    • Update Four-Year Educational Plan
    • Complete Skills Assessment
    • Update Career Goal
    • Document Extracurricular Activities
    • Update Résumé
    • Review Post-High School Goals
    • Review Graduation Requirements
    • Submit University/Post Secondary School Applications
    • Research Scholarships and Grants
    • Financial Aid Application (FAFSA)
    • Update HS Courses Transcripts
    • Decide on College
    • College Readiness Testing: AP, ACT, and SAT