Grading Policies

  • Grading Scale   Grade Weighting                                             100-90      A         Tests = 30%

       89-80      B         Classwork = 70%
       79-70      C 
       69-60      D               
       59-  0       F
     Students not understanding an objective are welcome to come see me at lunch or make an appointment to stay after school.  I will be happy to write lunch passes for students wanting to work in my room while eating lunch.  Any student who comes for extra help will be invited to retest for a better grade, but it is the student's responsibility to ask for help.
    Grading Clarifications
    *If a project is assigned, it will count as a classwork grade.
    *I grade student notebooks each quarter.  They will count as a classwork grade as these activities are meant to be done in class.
    *Most computer assignments and Galileo assignments will count as classwork.