Computer Policies

  • Chromebook Policies

    Use of the Computer During Class

    -         Only use the computer that is assigned to you.

    -         When you open the computer please report any abuse issues immediately.

    -         When walking with a computer always use two hands to carry it.

    -         Be watchful of where you are going so that you do not trip or drop it.

    -         Tap on the keys gently when using the device.

    -         Do not change any of the settings on the computer (background, etc).

    -         Only fingers should be used on the keyboard and screen (not pencils, erasers, etc.)

    -         No food or drinks should be near the computers.

    -         Use programs wisely and stay on task (failure to comply may result in revoked privileges)

    -         Be patient when programs are loading.

    -         Do not destroy the computer in any way- this includes peeling off stickers, prying off keys.

    -         When using email please make subject matter pertains to this class only.

    -         Exit out of all programs using the Logoff or Logout command.  This will update your files.

          Using the “X” may result in lost data on certain programs.

    -         Respect yourself and others. (see AUP for more details)

    -         Protect yourself and others. (see AUP for more details)


    At the end of Class

    -         To properly turn off the computer use the shutdown button (failure to do so may leave

         your profile available for the next user).

    -         Do not close the lid of the computer until all the lights are off.

    -         Return the computer to the proper place according to your teachers directions.



    Internet Safety

    *I will not share my personal information with others online (full name, location, family info, etc).

    *I will not ask other for their personal information.

    *I will not click on inappropriate pop ups or ads.

    *If anything inappropriate comes up on my screen, I will tell the teacher immediately.

    *I know that anything I put online will never go away.

    *I know that what I  read online is not always true.

    *I know that my administrators can see everything I access online.

    *I will not cyber bully or encourage cyber bullying.  I will tell an adult if myself or someone else is a victim of cyber bullying.

    *I will be responsible and make good choices while using electronic devices, computers, and the internet.