Classroom News

     Happy Friday!
    This week, students began working on their first project, the Folder Design Project, as well as completing their first Sketch of the Week; the theme for this week was Winter Break. If students did not finish and turn in their sketch on Friday (1/17) during class I have asked them to take it home and complete it over the long weekend and then turn it in on Tuesday (1/21) when we return to school.
    We will continue working on the Folder Design Project next week because we did an in progress peer feedback activity on Wednesday which took up most of the class time and students were not able to work on their folders that day. However, the peer feedback activity went really well, and students were able to receive assistance on one area of their folder that they felt stuck on or needed help on. If you want more info on this activity you can see our Google Classroom. 
    Here are the point values for the projects we worked on this week:
    Sketch of the Week: Winter Break - 20 points
    Folder Design Project - 100 points
    I hope everyone has safe and relaxing three day weekend! See you Tuesday :)
    - Ms. Baumann