Art and Advanced Art Syllabus

    Mrs. Baumann

    480-677-7565 Ext. 5443


    Art Room Expectations:


    C - Cougar Pride (always have it!)

    R - Respect (yourself, each other, and supplies)

    E - Evaluate the situation

    A - Act like a good human being :)

    T - Think for yourself

    E - Expect your best


    ***School wide rules apply in the Art Room too!!***


    Art Room Procedures:


    Coming into the Art Room-

    1. Come into class quietly and on time
    2. Make sure you are wearing your mask
    3. Get your folder
    4. Put your backpack away
    5. Start your Weekly Sketch or Project



    1. Must be worn whenever a student is within 6 feet of another human
    2. Must be worn inside buildings at all times
    3. May be removed when eating or drinking
    4. May be removed when outside and 6 feet apart


    Getting students’ attention -

    1. Ring bell
    2. Eyes on teacher (so I know you’re listening)
    3. Voices off
    4. Materials down


    Getting supplies -

    1. Do not share supplies unless necessary
    2. Wash your hands OR use hand sanitizer before getting supplies
    3. Return supplies to the used area or bin 
    4. I will clean them before the next class


    If you finish early -

    1. Free draw (draw whatever you want)
    2. Do a coloring page
    3. Do work from another class
    4. Help me clean supplies


    Cleaning up - Last 5-10 minutes of class

    1. Put away artwork
    2. Put away supplies
    3. Clean up area (table and floor)
    4. Wash hands or use sanitizer - turn sink on SLOWLY
    5. Sit in chair and wait for dismissal


    Dismissal -

    1. Table and floor are clean
    2. Supplies are put away
    3. Student is sitting in their chair
    4. Dismissed by teacher


    Technology/ Electronics-

    Can be used for:

    • Looking up reference images for artwork
    • Participating in class activities that require technology (ex. Kahoot)
    • Listening to music while working
    • Should not be used while Ms. Baumann is teaching


    Can only be used in ART for these activities - if another teacher says you can’t use technology this way in their room that is their rule and you must respect that! 


    1. Ask permission to leave - 1 person at a time
    2. Sign out with Name, Date, and Time
    3. If someone is in the restroom, wait outside until they are done



    1. Warning
    2. Intervention
    3. Referral (Office)


    Let’s Have A Great Quarter!!!!




    All Projects will be graded using a grading rubric - See grading rubric attached


    The grading rubric has 5 categories:

    1. Completion - Is the project finished? Or could it be worked on more?
    2. Craftsmanship - How neat is the artwork? Did the student take their time? Does the student know how to use the materials?
    3. Creativity - Is the artwork completely original? Did the student use their own ideas, prior knowledge and personal experiences to make this artwork?
    4. Project Requirements - Does the project meet the requirements?
    5. Effort - Did the student work the whole class time? Did they try their best?


    There are 20 points possible for each category for a total of 100 points



    • Sketch of the Week is worth: 20 points
      • 5 points for using most of the paper
      • 5 points for coloring or shading
      • 5 points for fitting the theme
      • 5 points for turning in


    Parent Info:



    Mrs.  Allison Baumann

    Office Hours:


    Email Any Time (preferred) I have my e-mail on my cell phone, so I always have access to it. 

    Call Any Time - May not return call     immediately, but as soon as possible.

    Meetings by appointment only - 

    Best times are before or after school. 

    Telephone #: (480) 677-7560 ext. 5443