• Parent Info:


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    Mrs.  Allison Baumann


    Before or after school

    Prep time - 9:23 - 10:22am

    Email Any Time (preferred):

    I have my e-mail on my cell phone, so I always have access to it

    Call Any Time:

    Call will be returned within 24 Hrs

    Meetings by appointment only:

    Best times are before or after school.

    Telephone #: (480) 677-7560 ext. 5411




    See student handbook for district policy:  A 10 Day Absence Policy- Should you fail to attend school 10 days in a row and do NOT have these absences Excused BY THE SCHOOL, you will LOSE Course CREDIT, be dropped from the class and have to go through an APPEAL Process to reinstate good academic Standing. (Course instructor is NOT in charge of reinstating academic standing, this is to be decided by the APPEALS Committee)


    Electronic Devices:  

    Per school regulations absolutely no electronic devices will be allowed during class instructional time. Cell phones or any other electronic device will not be allowed during class time.  Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in the loss of the personal object. (See Student Handbook for more) CCJH/INSTRUCTOR WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST PERSONAL ITEMS.  YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO KEEP THESE ITEMS IN A SAFE PLACE OR AT HOME TO ASSURE THEIR SAFETY.


    Art and Advanced Art Syllabus

    Mrs. Baumann

    480-677-7565 Ext. 5411


    Art Room Expectations:


    C - Cougar Pride (always have it!)

    R - Respect (yourself, each other, and supplies)

    E - Evaluate the situation

    A - Act like a good human being :)

    T - Think for yourself

    E - Expect your best


    ** School wide rules apply in the Art Room too!**


    Art Room Procedures:


    Coming into the Art Room-

    1. Come into class quietly and on time!
    2. Get your folder
    3. Put your backpack away
    4. Start your Weekly Sketch


    Getting students’ attention -

    1. Ring bell
    2. Eyes on teacher (so I know you’re listening)
    3. Voices off
    4. Materials down


    Getting supplies -

    1. One person will get basic supplies for your table
    2. If you need additional materials afterwards, you may get them yourself


    1. I will call you up by table to get your supplies


    If you finish early -

    1. Free draw (draw whatever you want)
    2. Get a coloring page
    3. Read a book
    4. Do homework from another class


    Cleaning up - Last 5-10 minutes of class

    1. Put away artwork
    2. Put away supplies
    3. Clean up area (table and floor)
    4. Sit in chair and wait for dismissal


    Dismissal -

    1. Table and floor are clean
    2. Supplies are put away
    3. Student is sitting in their chair
    4. Dismissed to line up by table


    Technology/ Electronics -  

    1. You may use your cell phone or a laptop to listen to music if….
    • You have headphones
    • You are still working
    1. If you are playing on the cell phone….
    • Warning
    • It will be taken away
    • You will not get it back until the end of the day
    1. If you are playing on the laptop……
    • Warning
    • You will lose laptop privileges for the day



    1. Must sign out with Name, Date, and Time
    2. Must return in a timely manner
    3. No playing around or you will lose bathroom privilege



    1. Warning
    2. Intervention
    3. Referral (Office)