• Supplies: 

    **I am not requiring the purchase of any art materials for the 2020 - 2021 school year at this time. **
    Although most of our learning will be taking place online, students will be doing some art projects at home. I know not all students have access to art materials at home. The projects we will be doing are going to be designed so all students can participate. This means getting creative with what we consider "art materials".
    I may ask students to make art using some common household items, such as:
    - magazines
    - soda cans
    - water bottles 
    - toilet paper/paper towel rolls
    - cardboard boxes
    - food dye
    - scissors
    - glue, tape, adhesive
    - etc.
    So if you have them, you may want to set some of these items aside to use for the art projects we will be doing in class. 
Art Supplies.jpg