• Supplies: 

    This year I am asking that students bring some basic art supplies if they are able. These items will be for personal use only for the student, not for the rest of the class to use. If you are not able to get these supplies for any reason, I will be providing all of the supplies below for the students to use. However, I have found that student's art experience is enhanced when they have access to their own supplies, as well as giving students a sense personal responsibility for their supplies. (They tend to take better care of their own stuff and it lasts longer!)

    Here are the supplies I would recommend students bring to class:



    -colored pencils



    -glue (stick or white glue)

     I will happily accept donations to the art room at any time throughout the year. Items that would be especially appreciated are:
    Cleansing wipes
    Copy Paper
    Any old or unused art supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, etc.)
    Any craft type items (buttons, beads, wire, etc)
    Newspaper and magazines
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