Procedures in my class

  • Behavior:  Online classes are a little different than on-campus classes, but the expectations for student behavior and effort will never change!  Students will maintain respectful behavior at all times.

    Zoom:  Students will use a first and last name, and log into the appropriate link for their class hour.  Videos will remain on, and microphones will remain muted unless instructed by me.  The chat will be used for questions or responses as instructed by me.  Respectful, school-appropriate behavior will be used at all times.

    Going to the bathroom:  Students will use the restroom before school, during the transition periods, during lunch break, and at the end of the day. We have a very short time online together each day, and even taking a few minutes away from your computer can cause you to get behind in your learning. Therefore, students should not use the bathroom during class (except in emergency situations as determined by me.) 

    Getting a drink:  Students will need to make sure that they have something to drink near them at all times.  Again, our time together is very short, and students need to be present at their computers at all times during class.

    Grades:  Grades in my classes are weighted according to the following percentages -

    Classwork 70% (includes assignments, quizzes, etc.)

    Tests 30%