• AJUSD now offers online meal payments and monitoring with EZSchoolPay.com.

    Students forgetting or losing their lunch money is now a thing of the past as the Apache Junction Unified School District announces an online service to help parents manage their child’s meal account and monitor purchases from home or work.

    Safe, Secure, and Simple!
    • Foods Add money to your student's meal account using Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit)
    • No more lost checks or lunch money
    • Online credits are automatically added to your student's meal account within minutes
    • View a 30-day transaction history of your student's meal account activity
    • Receive low-balance email alerts

    View Your Student's Meal Account Activity
    EZSchoolPay.com now has the ability for parents to view their student's meal account activity online. This is a great way for you to track how your money is being spent and the eating habits of your student.

    When you are logged in to EZSchoolPay.com, click the "My Students" link. Assuming you have already linked students to your parent account, click the "View Transactions" link next to your student's name. The resulting report will show your student's recent activity, including meal service, a la carte service, account credits (both online and cash/check), and account adjustments.

    Transactions will show up for 30 days of service. *Please note that this service is informational only. Though rare, there may be circumstances when the transaction list may not be complete or gaps in history may occur. If there is any question about your student's meal account it, is always best to consult with your student's school cafeteria manager for a complete account history report.

    Receive Low-Balance Email Alerts
    Parents are now able to receive low-balance email alerts with EZSchoolPay.com. This is a great tool for helping you anticipate and avoid interruption of your student's meal service.

    The default low-balance level for all parents is $0.00. In order to receive a low-balance message your student's meal balance would have to fall to below the amount you have set. You are able to edit your parent profile and set the low-balance level to any amount you choose. The higher you set the reminder level the more advance notice you will receive.

    You will only receive one email alert when your student's balance falls below the low-balance level. In the email alert, you will have an option to disable receiving future message if you wish.

    EZSchoolPay.com FAQ