Civil War Slideshow Outline



    Instructions:  Create a Google Apps slideshow presentation which depicts the following aspects of the Civil War. Pictures and information required on each slide.

    1. Causes (Slavery)

    II. Fort Sumter

    A. Maps

    B. Newspaper Headlines

    C. Battle Scenes

    D. Fort Sumter today (Historic site and Museum)

    III. Gettysburg

    A. Maps

    B. Casualties (Charts/Graphs etc)

    C. Photographs

    D. Battle Strategy diagrams

    E. Weaponry

    F. Newspaper Headlines

    IV. Union vs. Confederacy (advantages & disadvantages)

    A. Railroads

    B. Telegraph

    C. Manufacturing

    D. Quality of Commanders (Background/Experience)

    E. Charts & Graphs

    V. Important people

    1. Abraham Lincoln

    2. Robert E. Lee

    3. Ulysses S. Grant

    4. Jefferson Davis

    VI. Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse

    VII. Lincoln Assassination