Important Events/Periods in History Project

  •  Important Events/Periods in History



    Choose a historical topic from the list below. Create a 10-15 slide presentation on Google Apps or other presentation software. Include images which would help your audience to visualize and understand your topic. Some areas you may want to cover in your presentation include, but are not limited to:

    I.    What was the event/historical period?

    II.  When did it take place?

    III.   Where did it take place?

    IV. How did it occur? What happened? (Details of event/period)

    V.  Who was involved?

    VI. What impact did this event/period have on the modern world?

    VII. Interesting facts surrounding the event/period…

    VIII. What occurred that led up to the event/period? (Relevant history prior to event/period)

    IX. Why should we care about this event/period?

    X.  What modern event(s) or events in history you could you compare to this event/period?

    XI. What makes your event/period significant?

    List of Topics

    1. Civil Rights Amendments (13-15)

    2. Reconstruction (KKK/Jim Crow)

    3. Transcontinental Railroad

    4. Great Chicago Fire

    5. Custer’s Last Stand

    6. Statue of Liberty

    7. National Park System (Yellowstone)

    8. Women’s Suffrage Movement

    9. World War I

    10. Prohibition

    11. Great Depression

    12. Hindenburg Disaster

    13. Titanic

    14. Panama Canal

    15. Mount Rushmore

    16. Flu Pandemic of 1918

    17. Ellis Island/Immigration

    18. Dust Bowl

    19. Spanish-American War

    20. Amelia Earhart/Charles Lindbergh

    21. Pearl Harbor

    22. Rise of Nazi Germany/Kristallnacht

    23. Bolshevik Revolution (1917)

    24. Discovery of King Tut’s Tomb (1922)

    25. Lusitania

    26. 1867 Purchase of Alaska

    27. Plessy v. Ferguson (Supreme Court Case)

    28. Klondike Gold Rush

    29. Professional Baseball's Beginnings (1869)

    30. Progressive Era

    31. New Deal

    32. Hoover Dam

    33. St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    * Topics not listed here may be submitted for approval