Industrial Revolution Project

  • Industrial Revolution Project

    DUE: Monday: April 15, 2019


    Create a slideshow on Google Drive which depicts various aspects of an invention and its inventor from the Industrial Revolution. All slideshows must address the topics listed below. Use captions, titles, or bullet points for text. No paragraphs.


    Slide #1 (1 picture minimum)

    -Title page: Picture of invention and inventor. Name of invention and inventor. Your name.


    Slide #2 (3 picture minimum with captions)

    -Historic images of invention in use.


    Slide #3 (1 detailed image minimum with caption)

    -Diagram of invention with explanation of how it works.


    Slide #4 (1 image minimum w/ caption + interesting facts )

    - Image of the inventor. Include interesting facts about the inventor along with basic biographical information (e.g. Year and place of birth; year of death).



    Slide #5 (5 slides minimum)

    -Images of the modern world which includes the invention still in use, along with other inventions that came about as a result of this invention.



    Slide #6

    BIBLIOGRAPHY (List of images with URL addresses)