Country Project

  • Country Project

    Due: Friday, May 10th 

    Format: Google slideshow presentation.   

    Description: Select a country from the list and create a slideshow on Google Drive which depicts various topics about the country of your choosing. Find images, information, and multimedia(when applicable) to create your project. Ten slides minimum. 

    The first slide will be the title page. The last slide will be your bibliography with URLs listed and labeled. All slides, except bibliography will have a picture or some other graphic. Make text readable by using correct grammar, spelling, and capital letters. 

     Choose at least 15 of the following topics to include in your slideshow: 

       1. Size/Location

       2. Culture/Traditions/Holidays etc.

       3. Government type/President; Prime Minister etc. 

       4. Brief history of the country
       5. Miscellaneous

       6. Official Name of Country

       7. Name of Continent

       8. Population

       9. Capital/Major Cities

       10. States/Provinces

       11. Bordering countries

       12. Currency/Economy

       13. Religion(s)

       14. Language(s)

       15. Major people groups (tribes, ethnicities, etc.)

       16. Industry (Major Imports / Major Exports)

       17. When did it become a country? 

       18. Famous wars/conflicts 

       19. Interactions with other countries

       20. Five Interesting Facts

       21. Landmarks (natural – mountains, parks, etc. / man-made –

             buildings, etc.)

       22. National Anthem / Flag

       23. Local foods
       24. Life expectancy 
       25. Current Problems and issues 
       26. Famous people from country
       27. Wildlife and other natural features