Influential People Project

  • Influential People Project


    *Indicates primary focus/emphasis of project
    (All other items are supplementary) 


    Create a computer slide show which showcases an influential person in history from the top 100 list on Mr. Miller's homepage. The objective, other than creating a visual biography, is to make a connection between the individual, and modern times. Project grades will be based on a 3-point rubric which includes effort, content (information covered), and class presentation (personal knowledge), for a total of 30 points. You may want to consider the following questions:

    1. Who is your influential person in history?

    *2. Why are they considered influential?

    *3. What was life like before they did what they did? After?

    4. What were they like as a person? Personal life? Family life?

    5. What did society look like when they were alive? Time period?

    6. What/who were their influences?

    *7. How did their accomplishments affect you personally?

    8. What are some interesting facts about this person?

    9. Where did they do their work?

    *10. Are there any charts, diagrams, images that graphically depict the impact they had on the world?