People, Events, & Places Activity

  • People, Events, & Places In History


    Format:  Google Presentation or Document

    Objective:  Using a timeline of events, people, and places from the years 1820-1941, choose a topic which interests you. Create a Google Presentation to explain the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the topic.


    As you create your presentation, here are some things you should consider:

    1)   - Who/What is your presentation about?

    2)   - When did the event take place? When did this influential person do their work? When was the building built? Etc.

    3)   - What took place? What did this person do that made them notable? What was the building/monument designed for?

    4)   - Why is this event important? Why is this structure important? Why is this person important?

    5)    -What were the consequences/results of your event or person’s work? What impact did this structure have on government, society, history, etc?

    6)    -What occurred leading up to the event? What influenced this person to do what they did? Why was this structure built?

    7)    -What makes your topic interesting?

    8)    Include many pictures of things that are related to your topic.

    9)    Include a minimum of ten interesting facts about your topic.

            Why did you choose this topic? What influenced your decision?

        Your title page should include your name and hour, in addition to any pictures you might add.

     Please work hard. Remember, you will be presenting your work in front of the class. Make sure you are familiar with ALL content in your presentation. YOU are the expert

       Have fun! Don’t hesitate to ask your parents, classmates or myself for suggestions etc.