Contemporary United States Project

  • Contemporary United States Project

    Individual or with a Partner

    Objective(s): Analyze a contemporary issue using information from class discussions and various resources (e.g. newspapers, magazines, television, internet, books, maps, etc). Identify the connection between current and historical events and issues using information from discussions and various resources.

    Choose a contemporary issue from the website list provided and create a slideshow (Google Apps/Prezi/SlideRocket etc) which helps explain your contemporary issue of choice. Here are some areas you may want to consider addressing:

    1. What is the contemporary issue?

    2. What is the source(s) of your information? (e.g.,,,

    3. Create a slideshow presentation which addresses important aspects of the issue.

    4. List, define, visually depict vocabulary terms specific to your issue.

    5. Why is the issue important? (Relevance) What implications does the issue have on your life? Society? The world? Etc? Use images to help explain your issue's importance/relevance.

    6. Include charts, graphs, statistics, etc. to support your claim.

    *Presentations will begin the week of March 4th. Please email all documents to

    Assignment the World website: