President Project Outline - Washington thru Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • U.S. Presidents Project

     (slideshow presentation format)


    George Washington thru Franklin Roosevelt (1-32)


            a.    Name of President + Years in office (e.g. 1789-1797)

    b.    Vice President

    c.    First Lady

    d.    Political Party



    What happened during their presidency? (Important Events etc.)

    a.     In the U.S?   

    b.     In the World?

    c.     New discoveries & technologies?

    Where: Where was this president born? Where were their parents born?

    When: Years in office (e.g. 1841-1845)

    Why/Background info:  What did they do before they became president? (e.g. prior career; hobbies etc.) Personal History……..

    How: What did they do to help/hurt the country (greatest accomplishment/failure)? Were they effective or ineffective as president? (Support your answer with facts, including statistics or charts/graphs if applicable).

    Interesting facts: Minimum 5 Interesting facts