Teacher Expectations

  • By the end of the year  a student in Room 6 should be able to:

    1.  Identify 100  sight words from the list sent home.

    2.  Add and subtract to 20 with and without pictures.

    3.  Write a complete sentence using correct capitals and punctuation with at least one adjective describing the  subject.   
    4.  Write numbers 1-200 in correct form.

    5.  Count by  1's , 5's, 10's to 200.

    6.  Identify long and short vowels in words.

    7.  Identify the number of syllables in a word.

    8.  Be able to find an unknown number in a 3 digit equation.

    9.  Identify and write the members of addition and subtraction fact families.

    10. Write grade appropriate words such as sight words, cvc words, cvcv words, and long vowels words with  vowel  teams such as ea, ai, ay, ee.

    11.Read 40 words per minute.

    12.  Identify numbers using hundreds, tens, ones.

    13.  Be able to match words that rhyme and words that don't  rhyme.
    14.  Measure and compare  the length of 2 different objects using standard and nonstandard units.
    15.  Be able to put 3 objects in order from longest to shortest; shortest to longest; smallest to tallest; tallest to smallest.
    16.  Identify and read words with inflectional endings such as s, ed, ing.
    16.  Identify story elements of a fiction story:  who, what, where, when ,why.