Classroom News

                                                     Welcome to Room 6!
    Your child is gift for both you as the parent, and myself as the teacher to treasure.  If we both work together as partners this year, your child's First Grade year will be a positive experience.
    Expectations are a very important part of learning.  It is my feeling that the higher the expectations, the higher students will soar!  Together we will see that your child accomplishes great thing this year.
    My expectations for the first quarter are:
    1.  Students will legibly print all upper and lower case letters as well as write their first name correctly using a capital at the beginning and lower case letters for the rest.  
    2.  Students will segment and isolate sounds in short vowel words.
    3.  Students will spell cvc words.
    4.  Students will begin to identify consonant digraphs such as th, sh, sh, ch,tch.
    5.  Students will say, find, finish, make and draw patterns of AB, ABB, AABB,  ABC.
    6.  Students will  identify attributes of shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, oval, cylinder, cone,  cube,  sphere, prism, pryamid.
    7.  Students will begin to identify, read, and write numbers in and out of order to 120.
    8.  Students will  begin to write simple sentences with a capital at the beginning and punctuation at the end.
    9.  Students will orally answer questions using the RACE method.  RACE stands for R-restate the question, A-answer the question, C-cite reasons, E-explanation.
    10. Students will describe 2 digit numbers using tens, ones.
    11. Students will count by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's to 100.
    12. Students will compare numbers 0-100 using < > = sign.
    13. Students will order 3 numbers 0-100  from least to greatest and greatest to least.