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    English Electives *Will not substitute for required courses
    ELC 150 — Reading
    0.5 credit per semester

    Reading is intended to improve a student’s vocabulary, critical-thinking and analysis skills, reading rate, and comprehension level. Although this course emphasizes works of fiction, it also includes works of non-fiction. Strategies for recognizing, understanding, and evaluating the important points of a text as part of the note-taking process will be presented. This reading course includes a time management component.

    ELC 155 — Media Literacy
    0.5 credit per semester

    Media Literacy teaches students how to build the critical thinking, writing, and reading skills required in a media-rich and increasingly techno-centric world. In a world saturated with media messages, digital environments, and social networking, concepts of literacy must expand to include all forms of media. Today's students need to be able to read, comprehend, analyze, and respond to non-traditional media with the same skill level they engage with traditional print sources.

    ELC 157 — Creative Writing
    0.5 credit per semester

    Creative writing courses offer students the opportunity to develop and improve their technique and individual style in poetry, short stories, drama, essays, and other forms of prose. The emphasis of the courses is on writing; however students may study exemplary representations and authors to obtain a fuller appreciation of the form and craft. Although most creative writing classes cover several expressive forms, others concentrate exclusively on one particular form.

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    Mathematics Electives *Will not substitute for required courses

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