• Schedule For the 2020-2021 school year, starting virtually July 21st- school will be in session from 9am-2pm daily.

    Here is the daily virtual class schedule: 

    9:00- 10:05  Attendance, Sanford Harmony, and ELA Writing/ Grammar

    10:05- 10:25- Recess 

    10:25- 11:15: Reading 

    11:15- 11:35- Recess 

    11:35- 12:05- Specials

    12:05- 12:35- Lunch 

    12:35- 1:20- Attendance and Math 

    1:20- 2:00- Social Studies/ Science and Closing 

     **Our schedule allows for “recess” for students to socialize with each other in the virtual classroom or to take a break away from their device (if they choose to do so). I also ask that students use their break times to use the bathroom as well so they are not away from their device during learning times.