• AVID 7th Grade 9/11/19

    Please take Cornell notes identifying what a tutorial is from the information below:

    What is a tutorial?

    Small group tutorial sessions are held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the AVID elective class. During tutorials, the AVID elective class is divided into several tutorial groups. Under the direction and supervision of the AVID elective teacher, an AVID-trained tutor facilitates the discussion and work at each group. Tutorials...

    * Create deeper understanding of concepts covered in core content class

    * Develop skills necessary to become self-directed learners.

    * It's not just homework help.

    * Tutors do not give the answers. They facilitate the group's learning process.

    * Tutors don't teach the answers. They ask more questions. This is called the Socratic method.


    Step 1: Complete the Tutorial Request form.

    The Tutorial Request Form (TRF) asks students to identify a question from one of their content area classes that they would like to get help answering. This could come from assigned homework, Cornell notes that were confusing, a missed or upcoming test question, or an assignment that they are having trouble completing. After identifying the question, students will outline their critical thinking, and then identify the point of confusion where they are stuck and cannot move forward. The tutorial group will help them move from this point of confusion to the correct answer.

    The TRF if often one of the biggest challenges of the AVID elective. Students must truly think over all the learning they've done that week and find an area in which they really do need to get help. If students are saying they have no questions, 99% of the time they haven't spent time thinking about what they've learned, tests they've had, or even material that they just need to review for the week. This is true critical thinking at its best, it is not meant to be easy, and it forces students to think deeply about their learning. That's why it works!


    Here is a video walking you through the steps of the tutorial
    Write notes and stop the video as needed.