• Physical Science Syllabus

    Earth and Space Science Syllabus

    Classroom Materials:  Students are required to have these materials to leave in class:

    • Fully charged and working Chromebook
    • Earbuds or Headphones
    • 1.5 inch Three Ring Binder
    • Pencils 
    • Colored pens
    • Highlighters
    • Loose lined paper
    • Blank paper
    • divider tabs
    • folder to put in 3 ring binder
    • 3 ring pencil pouch to keep items in binder

     Optional classroom donations:

    • Clear tape
    • Ruler (metric)
    • Tissues 
    • Hand sanitizer
    • 3-hole punch
    • Whiteboard markers
    • Lysol wipes
    • 3 ring binder

    Science Notebook: This notebook (3 ring binder) will be where students keep ALL science notes, worksheets, classwork, diagrams, pictures, references, and other materials for this class. The binder will be used every day as a resource to help study and learn, as well as to help not lose important papers. In addition to the notebook, students must keep a writing utensil in their binder. Your Science Notebook / Binder will always be left in class.

    General Guidelines:

    • Pick up worksheets and materials needed as soon as you enter the room.
    • Be in your seat when the bell rings; working on bellwork quietly.
    • Stay in assigned area.
    • Keep your eyes on the teacher.
    • Only one person speaks at a time.
    • Hats and hoodies should be removed before you enter the classroom.
    • Phones should be put away before you enter the classroom.
    • Food, gum, and drinks will not be permitted.

     Classroom Expectations: 

    Students are always expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner.  This means they will be courteous to me and your fellow classmates. They will not interrupt or interfere with learning. Good behavior can be rewarded. Inappropriate behavior will be handled as follows:

     1. Student/teacher conference, mandatory tutoring, seat change, behavior essay, parent notification

    2.  Administrative referral

     Please keep in mind that serious misbehavior will require an immediate administrative referral and removal from the classroom.

    Labs: Lab safety is extremely important.  If the lab rules and directions are not followed exactly, a zero will be earned for the lab grade and mandatory tutoring will be assigned.  The safety of the students is the most important part of the lab. If misbehavior causes a safety issue, the student will immediately be removed from the class.

    Lab Rules:

    Follow all Flynn Safety Rules.

    Stay with the assigned lab group at the assigned station until dismissed by the teacher.

    Follow all directions exactly from teacher and on lab assignment.

    No horseplay or messing around.


    Absolutely no cell phones. Any cell phone not in the backpack will be immediately confiscated. The student will hand over the phone with no disruption or else they will be removed from class with an office referral. The phone will be locked in a container and delivered to the office for parent pick up at the end of the school day. To avoid this, students must keep phone turned off and put away in backpack the entire class period.

    Inappropriate use of laptops will result in confiscation of laptop until end of class and mandatory tutoring.

    Leaving the Room During Class: 

    Students should plan on using the restroom and taking care of other needs in between class periods and at lunch. Leaving the classroom will be strongly discouraged. In the unlikely event of being granted permission to leave, the student will complete the sign-out form and obtain a pass. Only one student at a time may leave the room if given permission. 


    Attendance is necessary for education. If a day is missed, it is the student’s responsibility to check in to receive the work missed. Come before school, after school, or during lunch to get the instructions for missing work. Assignments can be turned in up to one week after the due date for a 10% deduction (even if it is an excused absence). All work is on Google Classroom and Edgenuity. 


    If students are not happy with the grade earned on any assignment, they have the option to redo it. They must prove that they have increased their knowledge of the content to improve their grade, therefore it is a requirement to come to tutoring before school, after school, or at lunch. They have up to one week to re submit any work for a 10% reduction of the new grade. For example, the first grade was a 40%. They come to tutoring, re do it, and turn it in. They received an 80% the second time, but 10% off for late, so the grade is changed to 70%. 

    Students earning Ds and Fs must come to Mandatory Tutoring.

    The grade breakdown is as follows:

    • Tests/Exams /Quizzes…… ……………………….       30% of grade
    • Notebooks and Notes……………………….……….      10% of grade 
    • Labs………………………………………………………           20% of grade
    • Projects…………………………………………...………       20% of grade
    • Assignments and Activities ……….… …......…... 20% of grade

    Tests/Quizzes: Students that miss a test or quiz have one week to make up that test or quiz for a 10% reduction in grade (even if it is an excused absence). If they miss the day (or days) before a test or quiz, they are still responsible for taking the test or quiz on the scheduled day. They must schedule an appointment with Ms. Willis to retake the test within a week during tutoring. 

    Labs: If they miss a lab or project, then they need to get together with their lab parters to get the necessary information, and then come to tutoring. They are still responsible to complete the accompyanying work, lab report, or project on time. 

    Academic Policies and Procedures: 

    • Academic Integrity: Students are expected to complete their own assignments to demonstrate their thinking. Should it be determined that a student has not completed an assignment with integrity, the student handbook guidelines will be followed in regards to cheating and plagiarism, including an immediate zero on the assignment. 


    Email Ms. Willis to set up a tutoring time. Although I am usually available every morning, lunch, and after school, I occasionally have meetings to attend. Please check with Ms. Willis to plan a time to come to tutoring.

    Introductory Letter to Parents and Students from Ms. Willis 

    Dear Parents and Students at Apache Junction High School, 

         It is my honor to introduce myself to you. My name is Ms. Willis. I am excited to be one of the amazing science teachers here at Apache Junction High. This school is exceptional in its reputation as a community learning institution, and I am proud to be part of the AJ family.  

         I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education Earth and Space Science. My specialties are Geology, Astronomy, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, and General Science. I am certified to teach Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and General Science. I have been trained to teach in the Modeling and Inquiry styles. That means the students will be responsible for forming their own knowledge, while I am the facilitator of helping them find the information they need to know. There will be a lot of hands on projects, group work, and self-learning. Not only will this better help them retain science concepts, but will also teach them important skills that will be used in everyday lives. 

         I expect students to be engaged in class, to learn with their peers, to participate in dialogue, and to be independent learners. At the end of the year, students will have a strong background in introductory science skills with the ability to learn for themselves what they have further interest in. 

         While in class, I expect students to work with each other to solve science concept problems. When students need additional clarification, they are encouraged to ask questions as soon as they come up! Parents and students can feel free to email at any time; whether it is about a grade, a homework assignment, or a confusing concept. Communication is very important and I will be available when the students need me. 

         Please support your child as they have frustrations within this class. Be assured that they are fully capable of learning the material if they participate fully and do the required work expected. Encourage them to stay organized with not only the assignments due in science, but to plan accordingly for their other classes as well. They will have an amazing year and I am dedicated to helping them learn. 


    Ms. Willis


    480 474 3980 x 6409

    Contact Information:  If you need to contact me, email will be the best option. BWillis@goAJ.org

    I am always here to help, in whatever way I can, to make sure that students feel successful.

    All material on the syllabus is subject to change.

    Please return this sheet signed by both you and your parent/guardian in acknowledgment of Ms. Willis’s Science policies and procedures. You can return a hard copy, take a picture of the signed page, or email Ms. Willis the information at BWillis@GOaj.org.  

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    Student signature____________________________________________ Date _______________

    Parent/Guardian signature _____________________________________ Date ______________ Parent email and phone number. 

    Preferred communication (Phone call or email)?    



    Please provide parent/guardian phone numbers and emails: 

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