• Online Etiquette

    General Guidelines:

    • Pick up worksheets and materials needed as soon as you enter the room.
    • Be in your seat when the bell rings; working on bellwork silently.
    • Stay in your assigned area.
    • Keep your eyes on the teacher.
    • Only one person speaks at a time.
    • Hats and hoodies should be removed before you enter the classroom.
    • Phones should be put away before you enter the classroom.
    • Food, gum, and drinks will not be permitted with the exception of water bottles.

    Classroom Expectations: 

    Students are always expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner.  This means that everyone will be courteous to teachers and fellow classmates. You will not interrupt or interfere with learning. Good behavior can be rewarded. Inappropriate behavior will be handled as follows:


    1. Student/teacher conference
    2. Mandatory tutoring
    3. Parent/guardian notification
    4. Administrative referral

    Please keep in mind that serious misbehavior will require an immediate administrative referral and removal from the classroom.

    Labs: Lab safety is extremely important.  If the lab rules and directions are not followed exactly, a zero will be earned for the lab grade and mandatory tutoring will be assigned.  The safety of the students is the most important part of the lab. If misbehavior causes a safety issue, the student will immediately be removed from the class.

    Lab Rules:

    Follow all Flynn Safety Rules.

    Stay with your lab group at your assigned station until dismissed by the teacher.

    Follow all directions exactly from teacher and on lab assignment.

    No horseplay or messing around.


    Absolutely no cell phones. Any cell phone not in the backpack will be immediately confiscated. The student will hand over the phone with no disruption or else they will be removed from class with an office referral. The phone will be locked in a container and delivered to the office for parent pick up at the end of the day.  

    Inappropriate use of laptops will result in confiscation of laptop until end of class and mandatory tutoring.

    Leaving the Room During Class: 

    Students should plan on using the restroom and taking care of other needs in between class periods and at lunch. Leaving the classroom will be strongly discouraged. In the unlikely event of being granted permission to leave, the student will complete the sign-out form and obtain a pass. Only one student at a time may leave the room if given permission.

    Please email Ms. Willis at any time to discuss a concern, or schedule a Teacher-Parent-Student meeting. Students need to email to schedule tutoring as well (especially mandatory tutoring)!