• We are now entering the 4th quarter!

    The first half of 4th quarter will be reviewing and preparing for the upcoming AZMerit tests.

    We are scheduled to take the tests on the following dates:

    • WRITING: April 3rd
    • READING/MATH: April 16 & 17

    PARENTS: Please make sure your student gets a full night of sleep, eats breakfast, and comes to school ready to test. Students will only be allowed to read after testing, so please make sure that they have something to read (AR books, magazines, comic books). There will be NO electronics, NO coloring, NO toys during testing. If your child is sick, please consider keeping them at home and taking the test on another date. If they get sick during testing and have to leave, they will not be able to retake the test and their score will be invalidated. We want every student to test with a fresh mind and healthy body!


    After testing, we will switch gears and start preparing for 6th grade. We will continue to review 5th grade standards, but we will also touch on 6th grade basics to prepare them for what's up next! 




    -Will there be homework during 4th quarter?
    Yes, all students are expected to read 20 minutes each night and complete an activity off of the spelling menu each night (Monday-Thursday)

    -Does my student need to do a Science Fair project?
    -Yes, the Science Fair project is a huge part of their 4th quarter science grade. Please contact Mrs. Short if you have any questions!

    -How can I help my child at home?
    -Practice multiplication/division facts often, read together as a family, work on homework nightly, and utilize educational websites/games. If you are ever concerned about your child's academic progress, please contact Mrs. Short.


    Don't forget -- Science Fair Projects are due May 2nd. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

    March 8th, 2019- Parent and student slip signed committing to each students experiment.

    March 27th, 2019- The title of experiment, the question, and your hypothesis will need to be written down and handed in.

    April 10th, 2019- The procedures for your experiment, the materials that you will use, and your background research is due.

    April 24th,-2019- The abstract for your experiment, results (unless you need another week to complete the experiment due to the length of time it requires), and conclusion are due.

    May 2nd, 2019- Experiments and Tri-folds are due


    Come check out the Science Fair on May 2nd from 9:00-11:30am in the cafeteria. ALL are welcome!!!