• Miss Snider’s Homework Policy

    Homework is used as a reflection of in class work and will be given on Monday’s and should be returned the following Monday. This will help students practice and apply what they’ve learned throughout the school year.

    Homework will include:

    Differentiated Spelling: A list of spelling words will be completed; this is optional but they will be tested every Friday on their practice.

    Math Review: Math tasks will be given and each night they are expected to complete a section.

    Reading: Students’ should be reading at least 15 minutes every night and should document this in their reading log. A parent or guardian should sign this showing that their student read every night.

    Incomplete class work: Any work that is not completed throughout the school day should be taken home, completed, and returned the next day.

    Student Responsibilities

    Students are expected to:

    • Do their personal best on all assignments.
    • Completing work neatly and turning it in on time.
    • Asking for help (before school or during lunchtime) if the assignment is difficult or if they don't understand.


    Teacher Responsibilities

    Homework that I give, will only be similar to what is taught in our classroom and that is relevant and grade appropriate. Most homework can be completed independently by the student but may require some help from parents. This will be a tool for me to see what was or was not completed and if they need more practice.

    Parent Responsibilities

    Parents are a help in a positive learning experience. I will need your help reinforcing the importance of completing homework in order to practice those skills at home. Please do not let students procrastinate or avoid doing homework. This is a reflection of what they have learned and is important to their learning process. Thank you!