• As a student in my PE class, it is expected you follow the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you want done to you). In other words, treat everyone with respect, from your peers to your teacher to visitors. If you show up, dress out and participate every day, it is very difficult to get anything other than an "A" grade on your report card! 

    In order to be "Dressed out" for PE class you must have the following:

    1) AJHS PE T-Shirt or AJHS shirt (If you can't afford one, any color T-shirt will be ok)

    2) Any color shorts or sweats (Small logo, stripe, AJHS logo is acceptable)

    3) Gym shoes and socks

    ** You can not wear the same thing you wore to school for PE Class. You MUST have a change of clothes for PE. 

    **NO "sagging shorts", hats/visors, bandanas and tank tops are allowed to be worn in class. (Exception: Hats/visors are allowed outside)

    Grading: Based on participation and effort

    As a student, you are able to earn up to 10 points a day. Here are ways to not earn points:

    1) Non-participation/Non-Dress/Truancies/Unexpected Absesnces (NOT ELIGIBLE FOR MAKE-UP) 

    2) Excused Absences (ELIGIBLE FOR MAKE-UP)

    3) Leaving class without permission (Possible referral) & (NOT ELIGIBLE FOR MAKE-UP)

    4) Unexcused Tardy (NOT ELIGIBLE FOR MAKE-UPS)

    6) Misconduct / Profanity (Possible referral) & (NOT ELIGIBLE FOR MAKE-UP)


    Students are responsible for their own lock. It must be a combination lock (NO Key locks)


    ** NO Cell phones are allowed in class. Please lock them up in your locker.


    More class information is available on the syllabus that the student will receive on the first day. The student and a parent/guardian must sign the form and return to Coach McKee.