• Apache Junction Distance Learning Program

    Thank you for visiting the AJDLP website to learn more about an alternative way students can earn an education at our school district.

    What is meant by "alternative education"?

    When you participate in an alternative delivery program it means that you are given the opportunity to complete credits towards high school graduation in a setting different from a typical class. The AJDLP provides the option of an independent study format with teacher guidance, and one-on-one learning opportunities.

    Students in AJDLP classes complete coursework online. Students work on one subject at a time. Credit is earned through completion of required tasks and tests for the course. Students must make continuous academic progress as determined by their individualized plan to remain in the program, earning the required credits per semester. Students work at a set pace, and completion dates are provided.

    Who may enroll in an AJDLP Class?

    Any AJHS student who is referred by a counselor and who meets one or more of the following criteria:

    • Needs an alternative learning environment
    • Attempted, but did not pass, a subject necessary for graduation
    • Conflict in schedule or subject not available at AJHS
    • Transfer from another district
    • Other special circumstances

    Acceptance into the AJDLP depends on space availability. Students must enter the program at the time that space is available or risk losing the opportunity to take advantage of the program.

    Students will be working on curriculum which incorporates the State Standards. There will be opportunities to earn credits in all subject areas.

    AJDLP Policies


    • Students who attend the AJDLP will be expected to work at a computer work station. Class time will be spent in the classroom.
    • Students who fall behind in assignments are required to work at home to catch up.
    • Students who are absent from the AJDLP 10 or more times in a semester period may be removed from the program. Absences are strongly discouraged, and multiple absences will not be tolerated. The attendance policy for AJDLP is the same as that of AJHS.

    Required Work

    • Each course has specific guidelines and standards of performance.
    • Students will complete one subject at a time, and credit will be issued upon satisfactory completion of each course.
    • Upon completion of contracted credits from AJDLP, student schedules can be modified.
    • Students will be permitted to complete only the courses on the contract. Students should expect to complete all other required courses in regular high school classes unless an extenuating circumstance arises.


    • Each course has its own specific grading criteria. If a student begins coursework in the AJDLP but does not complete it, the course will appear on the student's transcript as a failed course.

    Classroom Policies

    • Be prompt
    • Be prepared
    • Be polite
    • Only water may be brought into the classroom to drink
    • No food
    • No cell phones
    • Use of only AJUSD approved websites